He’s One Of Us! Even Jimmy Butler — Who Gets Paid $50 Million A Year — Is Out Here Complaining About The Gas Prices

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Jimmy Butler — truly a man of the people.

He might be getting paid $50 million a year and fresh off an NBA Finals appearance, but Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler is still feeling the pain at the pump like the rest of us.

Butler took to social media while at a gas station, filling up whatever (I’m sure) luxury car that he was filling up, and for 19.904 gallons of gas, he racked up a bill of $145.28.

“This is highway fucking robbery,” a flabbergasted Butler said. “Man … I’m trying to give some of this gas back. Wow.”

The Dade County jewel even came up with a hilarious idea of how he could save a buck.

“Hey, you think if I go in there and tell ’em that I put the wrong gas in here, they’ll give me a refund?” Butler asked jokingly.

“Ha … this is crazy, I’m going electric.”

And this is why I love Jimmy Butler so much … he’s one of us!

Though I don’t know about the whole electric vehicle thing, Jim. Just check out this blog that I wrote last month.

I don’t think you want that kind of smoke.

Just think about it like this: Would you rather pay $145.28 in gas or be broken down on the side of the road courtesy of your electric vehicle? (RELATED: Toronto Raptors Currently Front-Runners To Land Damian Lillard: REPORT)

Just bite the bullet and use some of that $50 million — and help a brotha out while you’re at it.