Truck Rolls Over On Major Canadian Highway, Sending Celery Stalks Everywhere

Screenshot/Public/Twitter — user: OPP_HSD

Brent Foster Contributor
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A truck rollover covered parts of a Canadian highway in a deluge of celery sticks Tuesday, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division.

The celery formed a green blanket across all lanes on a southbound segment of Highway 400, which temporarily shuttered as a result of the incident, the OPP Highway Safety Division said.

A video attached to the safety division’s post shows law enforcement working around the scene while someone in the background notes maintenance crews were also incoming to help clean up the veggie mess.

“Patience is appreciated,” the OPP Highway Safety division wrote, adding the cleanup could take “several hours” while traffic was redirected to Highway 9.

The “Celerious accident,” as dubbed by one user, drew mixed reactions on Twitter. “Produce shopping on the highway,” one user wrote while another appeared to bemoan the celery as being “too expensive already,” adding “we will have to pay for [an] increasing price.”

No injuries were sustained in the rollover incident, CP24 reported. Authorities cleared the celery and reopened all roads later Tuesday afternoon. Completed in 1952, Highway 400 is the main north-south thruway between Toronto and Central and Northeast Ontario. (RELATED: Police Arrest Driver After Semi-Truck Carrying 40,000 Pounds Of Mail Overturns On Highway)

2022 saw Tennessee and Texas highways covered with alfredo sauce and eggs, respectively, while a July semi-trailer crash left a Utah highway covered in french fries.