Video Proves Young Americans Have Fallen Victim To The Taylor Swift Psy-Op


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Host Joel Gibbons stoked fear into the hearts of all adult Americans on Monday, with his latest episode of “Man vs. Street,” which focused on the most important story right now: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

And by “most important story,” I mean, the dumbest story that has absolutely no impact on our lives, and shows just how well the globalist psy-op that is Taylor Swift has infiltrated the minds of everyone. Don’t believe me? Check out how nutso these chicks are for gossip on Swifty and Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce:

These women don’t really know anything about Kelce, but they have a lot of strong feelings about his relationship with Swift. Kelce is a “football player” who is “balding” and probably better than some of Swift’s other exes, according to respondents. He’s also ranked around a “4.”

“If she wants to play around with a little boy, I’ll watch it,” one woman said. Another wondered whether the relationship was just a public relations stunt. Obviously, it is. It’s legitimately sad that people are questioning this. (RELATED: Department Of Wildlife Conservation Absolutely Rips Taylor Swift Over Travis Kelce)

Right now, America has no means of tracking food security and we have a massive gap in our planetary threat detection system. There is a pretty strong chance starvation or an asteroid impact will have a bigger physical and emotional impact on these young women but … who cares! Swifty has a new boyfriend woooo (vomit).