‘Can’t Even Do Lip Filler In A Convincing Way’: Tucker Talks To Researcher About ‘Following The Money’ Of ‘Trans, Inc’


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson sat down with policy expert Chris Moritz, who “followed the money” behind what he calls “Trans, Inc.” and broke down the financial incentives behind the growing industry. 

Moritz told Carlson that in 2018 the total sales of sex reassignment surgeries and hormone replacement therapies had a combined value of $2.94 billion. (RELATED: ‘Money Is Power’: Tucker Travels To Argentina To Show How ‘Reckless’ Policies Cause Things To ‘Unravel’)

“By 2022 that figure had rose to $4.18 billion and by 2030 our analysis indicates that that would increase to $7.5 billion which represents an 8.5 percent compound annual growth rate,” Moritz claimed.

That figure is “bigger than the entire healthcare budgets of some African countries,” Carlson noted.

Moritz also notes that the figure is particularly astounding considering the relatively low, albeit growing, number of transgender individuals in the United States.

“There’s 1.6 million transgender adults, or I should say over the age of 13, transgender individuals in the United States as of 2022. Now, that number has doubled in 10 years. In 2011 there were 700,000 transgender Americans over the age 13 and by 2022 that had risen to 1.6 million,” he said. (RELATED: ‘Let Me Finish If You Don’t Mind’: Tucker Demands Asa Hutchinson Defend His Stance On Trans Kids)

“So you just ended the debate over whether this is something a person is born with,” Carlson said. 

Well I think that there is absolutely zero scientific evidence that would suggest that there is a gene, chemical alteration, any kind of somatic physical, biological element to transgenderism that would result in what has become known as gender dysphoria,” Moritz replied.

“If we get deeper into the medical research, we find that there are no clinical studies — none — on the long term efficacy, consequences, and in many cases debilitating life-term effects of these procedures and pharmaceutical products especially on children,” Moritz claimed. 

“Wait there are no studies?” Carlson asked.

“There are none,” Moritz replied.

Carlson then asked about specific transgender surgeries.

“I’ve spent, I don’t know, the last five years talking about transgender stuff on TV and debating people on it and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone describe what exactly the surgeries are, I don’t think you’re allowed to ask, I haven’t googled for photographs because I’m not sure I want to see ’em, but that’s like not part of the conversation. The details have kind of been omitted here.”

Morris described “one of the most graphic and invasive procedures” called a vaginoplasty where “a male to female patient is castrated, testicles are removed, the penis is inverted to create a vaginal cavity, and then skin grafting is used to create other elements of female genitalia — vulva, labia, etc.”

“They can’t even do lip filler in a convincing way in this country, you can’t tell me they can recreate something as complex as female genitalia,” Carlson interjected.

“Of course they can’t,” Moritz responded, citing a California study where he said 25 percent of 816 vaginoplasty patients had severe side effects and had to be hospitalized.

Moritz also mentions mastectomies, which he says are “performed at an increasing rate on minors.”

“Wait I thought it was the Muslims who had these crazy radical ideologies and they were exporting female genital mutilation and now it’s the West?” Carlson joked. 

Moritz claimed that Iran is “one of the largest centers for sex-reassignment surgery in the world.”