Lord Have Mercy: A Buffalo Bar Holding Church So Bills Fans Can Watch The London Game Is Certainly A Sign Of The Times


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Now as much as I think this is “cool,” this is blasphemous ish — and an outright sign of the times.

When you think about a bar, you don’t usually think about a sermon regarding our Heavenly Father, and when you think about church, you’re not thinking about people getting pissed up. But Tavern at Windsor Park in Williamsville — a village in the Buffalo metropolitan area — is planning on mixing the two this Sunday.

“We are going to have a fabulous morning where we’re gonna be able to bring together some time of enjoying two passions: the Bills and church. Well they’re two of my passions,” St. Paul Lutheran Church‘s pastor Steve Biegner said. And my man is hilariously making a 20 minute drive from a hamlet named Eggertsville to hold the service.

Biegner will kick off said service beginning at 8:30 a.m. ET, and lasting only a measly 30 minutes (which equals more disrespect to the Lord), the tailgate then comes on the schedule at 9:00. And then after that at 9:30, the watch party will crank up for the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills in London.

Oh, and at St. John’s Lutheran Church?

Traditional services have been canceled … yep. And that’s not all! The “tailgate church,” as Biegner labels it, will be held in the parking lot with the tailgate of a truck being used as the altar.

…what on God’s green Earth?

Now I get the thinking here, I really do. As a football fan, this is pretty cool.

But there’s no way in hell you’re going to tell me that it’s okay to mix church and alcohol. Hey, I understand the world has lost their ever-lovin’ mind and things are completely flipped on their head today, but I don’t care how weird our society gets, there’s no way I can vouch for something like this.

Like I said though, it’s cool as a football fan, and I appreciate the attempt at getting a little time in for the Lord before pigskin, and I enjoy these early London games too, but the alcohol thing — just having it present — and the whole “truck altar in the parking lot” thing (like church isn’t good enough to actually be in a friggin’ bar) is where I have to draw the line. My Christian senses absolutely cringe at the thought of the pure blasphemous sin. (RELATED: Cowboys Or 49ers? Jaguars Or Bills? Ravens Or Steelers? Andrew Powell Makes His NFL Week 5 Picks)

But what else would you expect from a fanbase that calls themselves “Bills Mafia”?

Lord have mercy, literally. AND GO JAGUARS!