Trump Reveals The One Issue That ‘Really’ Makes Dems ‘Go Crazy’

Public/Grabien/Real America's Voice

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Former President Donald Trump shared what issue makes liberals go “crazy” during a Friday interview on Real America’s Voice.

Trump said that Democrats went “crazy” when he vowed America would no longer “have men playing women’s sports.” He also stated that they “really go crazy” when he promises to “stop the mutilation of your children.”

Trump added that gender ideology is a “cult” and said that he previously signed federal legislation to protect children from it. He claims that the Biden administration rolled the legislation back. (RELATED: Transgender Actor Writes Open Letter To President Trump. Here’s What It Says)

“They mutilate your children without your approval,” Trump said.

Trump stated that 10 or 15 years ago, the public would not believe children were being being approved for “sexual mutilation” without parental consent.

“You have to make that statement now,” Trump said, adding he believes it’s an “attack on our country.”

He also spoke about “men playing in women’s sports” and bemoaned that women’s weightlifting records were being “smashed” by biological men. He stated that men were eclipsing the women’s records by “hundreds of pounds.”

Trump also noted that during his presidency he spoke with military generals on the issue of transgenderism within the armed forces.

“They say, ‘sir, it’s terrible,'” Trump said. Trump added that transgender service members are allowed to use an “unbelievable” slew of drugs to facilitate their transition, whereas other soldiers “can’t have virtually an aspirin.”

Trump remains the frontrunner in the Republican primary, holding a roughly 40-point lead in the polls, according to FiveThirtyEight.