Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Office Exchanged Nearly 20,000 Emails With Hunter Biden’s Investment Firm, AFL Says

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Then-Vice President Joe Biden’s office exchanged nearly 20,000 emails with Hunter Biden’s investment firm and close to 5,000 emails with Hunter Biden himself, according to a new court filing.

The America First Legal Foundation and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) filed a joint status report Friday detailing the number of records NARA has found in response to AFL’s ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for documents related to Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden’s, business dealings. (RELATED: Hunter Biden Will Seek To Dismiss Federal Gun Charges Based On Terms Of Failed Plea Deal, Court Filing Shows)


“This case involves three Freedom of Information Act (‘FOIA’) requests that AFL submitted on August 9, 2022, seeking records regarding Hunter Biden and James Biden’s business dealings,” the status report reads.

“NARA has found 4,243 emails to/from Hunter Biden; 19,335 emails to/from the domains and; 1,751 emails to/from Jim Biden; and 3,738 emails to/from the domain,” the document adds.

Rosemont Seneca was the investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden, and The Lion Hall Group was a company run by James Biden. America First Legal in August disclosed more than 1,000 emails between Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President released by NARA as part of its ongoing FOIA lawsuit.

“These damning numbers further confirm that there was never a wall separating the Office of the Vice President and Hunter Biden’s business endeavors,” AFL said Tuesday on Twitter. “In fact, there was extensive commingling between them.”

The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed personal and business bank records from Hunter Biden and James Biden in late September following the first impeachment inquiry hearing for President Joe Biden. NARA’s ability to disclose archived records is dictated by the Presidential Records Act (PRA), and the law allows Congress to receive “special access” to otherwise unavailable documents. (RELATED: Burisma Received Joe Biden’s Talking Points From Lobbyists Ahead Of His Trip To Ukraine, Memo Shows)

The Oversight Committee wrote a letter to NARA in September requesting records from Hunter Biden’s business associates’ communications with Joe Biden’s vice presidential office. The letter highlighted archived emails between Hunter Biden’s business associate Eric Schwerin and Joe Biden’s then-communications staffer, Kate Bedingfield, surrounding Hunter’s relationship with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and then-VP Biden’s upcoming trip to Ukraine.

The Oversight Committee has sent NARA similar requests for records related to the pseudonyms Joe Biden appeared to use for government purposes and the flights Hunter Biden took with his father on Air Force Two. The Biden administration allowed House Oversight staff to view emails in late September that featured praise for “sexy” Joe Biden and his late son Beau Biden. NARA confirmed in August it possesses more than 5,000 emails and 200 pages of potential records related to Joe Biden’s aliases.

“Presidential Candidate Joe Biden promised there would be an ‘absolute wall’ between his work as an elected official and his family’s ‘business,'” the Oversight Committee said. “That doesn’t match his track record. New info from the National Archives shows that Biden’s VP Office emailed with his son Hunter, his brother Jim, and both of their ‘businesses’ OVER 29,000 TIMES.”

The Biden family and its business associates received more than $24 million from individuals and companies tied to Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania and Kazakhstan, according to a House memo circulated prior to the hearing. House Oversight Chairman James Comer said during the hearing that the roughly $24 million worth of business dealings was discovered from suspicious activity reports sent by banks to the Treasury Department.

NARA did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment by the time of publication.