Biden Admin Allows House Oversight To View Archived Emails Praising ‘Sexy’ Joe Biden And ‘Terrific’ Beau Biden

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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The Biden administration permitted the House Oversight Committee to view a portion of archived emails from Joe Biden’s vice presidency, including an email praising “sexy” Joe Biden, a source familiar confirmed to the Daily Caller.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) allowed House Oversight Committee staff to view a portion of emails from Biden’s vice presidency Thursday as part of the committee’s requests to view records related to the pseudonyms Joe Biden appeared to use for government purposes, Hunter Biden’s flights on Air Force Two and then-VP Biden’s communications with Hunter Biden about Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, Politico first reported. (RELATED: Here’s All The Evidence Connecting Joe Biden To Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings)

An email sent by Joe Biden’s assistant in May 2016 to Joe Biden’s alias “Robert L. Peters” and Hunter Biden was presented to House Oversight as part of the batch of records, per Politico. The email contains a reminder for Joe Biden’s upcoming meeting with then- Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, a copy of the email on Hunter Biden’s laptop archive indicates. (RELATED: Here’s The Fake Name Joe Biden Used To Schedule A Discussion With Ukraine’s Former President)

NARA said in August it has potentially thousands of pages of records from the pseudonyms Joe Biden used while he was vice president. His aliases included “Robert L. Peters,” “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware,” Hunter Biden’s laptop archive shows.

Joe Biden’s assistant forwarded him an email from then-Biden National Security Advisor titled “Biden as new Georgian sex symbol” praising Biden’s speech in the country of Georgia. The email also contains a discussion of female friends talking about “how sexy” Joe Biden was following his visit, Politico reported.

“The National Archives has only produced 14 pages of what is expected to be thousands of pages if the Biden White House doesn’t try to withhold them from Congress. It’s silly for anyone to try to draw conclusions from 14 pages of documents that the White House cleared to give to Congress, especially when it contains an email that opines on foreign nationals thinking Joe Biden is sexy,” a House Oversight spokesperson told the Daily Caller.

“These are the emails Joe Biden wants Americans to see. The Oversight Committee will continue to follow the money and evidence to hold President Biden accountable for his abuse of public office.”

Another email sent by Blinken to then-Delaware Democratic Attorney General Beau and Hunter Biden in March 2012 contains plaudits for a speech Beau Biden delivered in Ukraine about the nation’s corruption.

“He was terrific,” the email says. “Beau’s visit was everything we had hoped for.” Beau Biden died from brain cancer in May 2015 at age 46. The email was presented to House Oversight because Joe Biden sent it to Blinken with his “Robin Ware” pseudonym, according to a copy of the email contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop archive.

Hunter Biden joined Burisma’s board in spring 2014 and made more than $80,000 per month from the position despite his lack of experience in Ukrainian affairs and the energy sector, according to bank records released in August by House Oversight.

The Biden family and its associates received more than $20 million worth of payments from Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Romanian and Kazakhstani business associates, the bank records show.

House Oversight continues to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the role Joe Biden played in them. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sept. 12 the House Ways and Means, Oversight and Judiciary Committees will lead the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The first impeachment hearing is scheduled for Sept. 28

Henry Rodgers contributed to this report.