Multiple Dodgers Vs. Dodgers Brawls Erupt At NLDS Game 2 Against Diamondbacks, Including Some Idiot Fighting The Cops

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @PlanZ33]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Dodgers fans are handling the 0-2 deficit well…

Multiple brawls popped off during Game 2 of the NLDS between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers, with four different videos of the incidents published on Twitter by @PlanZ33, showing Dodgers fans throwing blows at each other and one idiot even fighting the police.

The first clip shows two male Dodgers fans, both with Los Angeles jerseys and long brown hair (as funny as that sounds), brawlin’ it out in a bathroom while other dudes around them are just trying to use the urinals. And then in another video, it shows a female fan trying to break up a tussle in the parking lot between two men.

A couple more clips show two other fights breaking out on the concourse before security and police eventually restored order, and speaking of police, one of these Dodger morons actually thought they could take on an officer — just dumb.

Yeah, obviously Dodgers fans are having a hard time dealing with them being down 0-2.

And I honestly can’t blame ’em — no, I don’t think it’s worth fighting somebody and going to jail over — but I can totally understand the frustration. I mean, damn, all Los Angeles does is spend, spend, spend, and yeah, it works in terms of winning NL West division championships, they’ve won 10 of those in the past 11 seasons. But they’ve only won ONE World Series in that time. Hell, with their spending, it should be more like three or four, maybe even five.

And here we go with another postseason where they’re down, this time 0-2 in the NLDS, to a Diamondbacks team that broke a five-year playoff drought after barely (only by 1.0 game) making it to begin with as the last NL wild-card team. (RELATED: Big Boy Fan Molly Whops Skinny Loser Over And Over Again In Astros Vs. Astros Playoff Brawl)

Just terrible, and this is exactly why Dodgers fans are beating the living hell out of each other.