Auburn Basketball’s Jewish Head Coach Bruce Pearl Blasts Obama, Biden As The Ones Who ‘Created The Crap’ In Israel

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Get ’em, coach!

Ever since the despicable terrorist attacks by Hamas this past weekend, over 2,000 people have been killed in Israel and Gaza, with that number only rising.

But if you ask one particular college basketball coach, he won’t point at Hamas directly, he’ll tell you that the blame belongs to none other than … *insert scary boogeyman music* … Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Yes, two of the worst presidents that we’ve ever had in this beautiful country.

Bruce Pearl, who is the Jewish head coach of the Auburn Tigers basketball team, absolutely blasted Obama and Biden for being the ones who “created the crap that we got in this world” when talking about the war on OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me” with Dan Dakich.

Pearl kept it G, saying that the two administrations used (and are still using) American taxpayer dollars to fund Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

“They’ve emboldened them, they’ve empowered them, and they’ve enriched them,” said Pearl. (RELATED: The Self-Proclaimed King Has Spoken! LeBron Breaks Silence On Israel And … He Actually Deserves Some Cool Points)

Pearl then showed love to former President Donald Trump for shutting down Obama’s prior deals.

“Trump comes in, and I know some people don’t like Donald Trump because he tweets or he’s not presidential, but his policies were spot on,” Pearl said. “He comes in and says, wait a second, there’s pay to slay?

“Wait a second, so Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, they’re actually taking money and if you kill a Jew or murder a Jew or you do this suicide mission, they’re going to take care of your family and pay? This is ridiculous. We’re not funding that. And he cut it off. He cut off Iran.”

My man was straight spittin’! I’ll be sure to root for Auburn this season, GO TIGERS!