Tackle Of The Night: Moron Fan Gets Blasted By A Couple Of Boss Police Officers After Interrupting Auburn-LSU Game

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ESPN might not have shown it, but we sure as hell will!

LSU absolutely hammered Auburn in a 48-18 thrashing Saturday night in Baton Rouge. Despite the solid defensive play from the Tigers (the yellow and purple ones), however, the tackle of the night most certainly occurred off-screen.

The second half of the game ended up being delayed after a fan ran onto the field, but the interruption wouldn’t last very long, as two police officers wasted little time in taking down this moron.

At first, video shows, the fan started out with a smooth swift run across the field, waving his arms to the crowd in an attempt to get them hype, buuut … police officers and another security guard got involved. While trying to juke the guard, the fan slipped and fell; while trying to get back up he was completely blasted with a gang-tackle by a couple of cops.

Louisiana’s finest, indeed.


I feel like ESPN needs to change their television policy with stuff like this.

Look, I get it. They don’t wanna give undeserved attention to an idiot, potentially give free promotion to something or have to deal with some bad ish possibly happening. I get the logic of why they don’t want to show idiots like this on the broadcast.

But with that being said, situations like this very rarely go sideways; it usually ends up with some clown (like in this video) getting tackled by a police officer or security guard. So with that being the case — you know, numbers don’t lie — why not just let us see this popcorn content?

It was better than anything from that damn game Saturday night. (RELATED: Auburn Basketball’s Jewish Head Coach Bruce Pearl Blasts Obama, Biden As The Ones Who ‘Created The Crap’ In Israel)

And it’s not like the four-letter network isn’t owned by degenerate Disney; just pull the trigger.

Change the policy, ESPN. Change the policy.