LSU’s Jacobian Guillory Shoves Ole Miss Fan, Has To Be Held Back After They Get In His Face Following Thriller Upset

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SEC football, baby … you gotta love it.

In what was a hell of a game Saturday night — and my No. 2 Game of the Week in my Week 5 forecast — No. 20 Ole Miss outlasted No. 13 LSU in a 55-49 thriller to pull off the Southern upset.

Well, we all know how SEC rivalries can be. They’re incredibly intense, and that showed after the game when fans stormed the field in Oxford to celebrate the victory — which, by the way, is illegal in the SEC with the university being issued a $100,000 fine as a result.

Normally, I’m all for the fun (y’all know me), but this situation with Jacobian Guillory makes me completely understand why the SEC ain’t playing the whole storming the field thing.

Following the contest, the defensive tackle was spotted on video blasting an Ole Miss fan with a shove after they got in his face and, yes, this took place while the fans were storming the field. And to make this fiasco even worse, the footage shows the fan running into him while yelling profanities about the Tigers.


And this is why the SEC has no problem handing out $100,000 fines.

Personally, I’m torn. On one side, I’m all for drunken idiot college students running onto the field like the true morons they are while partaking in the beautiful passions of SEC football — and this coming from a Miami Hurricanes fan, I’m an ACC guy.

But then on the other end, I understand why the conference doesn’t want to deal with any of this nonsense, because, holy crap, you talk about some extreme safety concerns with incidents like this. Not only could the fan have gotten hurt, but worse, some lunatic could have ran up on a player and stabbed him or something. You never know with how people have lost their minds today.

So, yeah, as much as I love ish like this …

… people can’t control themselves — and this is ultimately why we need rules, laws, polices and all that blah, blah, blah. (RELATED: Watch This Security Guard Lay Waste To Drunk College Kids Trying To Storm Field After Ole Miss’ Upset Over LSU)

Get a hold of yourselves, people. You’re ruining the fun.