GOOD LORD! Patriots’ Jabrill Peppers Brutally Lays Out Raiders’ Davante Adams With Absolute Powerbomb Hit

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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When I yelled out, “GOOD LORD!” when I first saw this hit … I just knew I had to blog about it.

And that’s because I need you guys to see this: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams got absolutely rocked Sunday by New England Patriots safety Jabrill Peppers.

During the first quarter, Peppers knocked Adams with a brutally vicious pop, so hard it sent the ball up high — and I mean, high — which led to linebacker Jahlani Tavai scooping in a relatively easy interception.

Yeah, the Patriots might have lost, but not without leaving their mark on the game courtesy of Jabrill.

Just check out this bad boy of a smash:

Just an incredibly gorgeous hit by Jabrill Peppers.

It was funny, man. I had a slate of stories in my tabs I was going through of what I wanted to write about, but when I got to this clip, I literally yelled out “GOOD LORD!” uncontrollably — disturbed my wife and everything — and that’s when I knew I had to write about this.

And it’s not just the hit: I love the beauty of the ball ricocheting up in the sky to truly show the impact of Peppers’ pop. (Hm … Peppers’ Pop, sounds like a soda. Maybe an endorsement with Dr. Pepper in the works?) (RELATED: Soon-To-Be Fined Tyreek Hill Comes Up With Easily One Of The Greatest Touchdown Celebrations In The History Of The NFL)

They already do glorious college football commercials:

I smell money. This is way too beautiful of a hit by Jabrill Peppers to have as just a regular football hit we forget about.