Soon-To-Be Fined Tyreek Hill Comes Up With Easily One Of The Greatest Touchdown Celebrations In The History Of The NFL

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Talk about a fine that’s 100% worth it — and utterly nonsensical at that.

In what has become the norm, Miami Dolphins superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill once again had an absolutely huge game — this time against the Carolina Panthers — a contest which featured a touchdown on Hill’s stat sheet. There were also some absolute fireworks set off across the entire league thanks to his celebration.

With less than two minutes to go in the first half, Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa hit Hill on a 1-on-1 go route while he was creating separation, with the duo putting together a 41-yard touchdown for Miami.

When Hill got into the end zone, however, he didn’t stop running. Sprinting across, he ended up finding an NFL social media worker in the back of the end zone recording with his phone. Well, in incredibly glorious fashion, Hill took the phone and recorded himself doing one of his trademark backflips, flashing a peace sign before signing off and heading towards the Phins sideline.


And here is the point of view shot, which is some pure grade A ish.

Hill was ridiculously given a taunting penalty and will most likely be fined (due to the no props rule) for what is easily one of the greatest touchdown celebrations in league history, shamefully putting a damper on this beautiful gem.

And this, NFL, is exactly why we call you the … NO FUN LEAGUE. (RELATED: Massive Brawl Pops Off Between San Francisco 49ers And Cleveland Browns)

Cut it out and let the boys play.