Wild Brawl Erupts Between Several Giants And Bills Players After Tensions Hit Boiling Point

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Man, “Sunday Night Football” was bat-ish crazy!

First, we had the unfortunate situation with Buffalo Bills running back Damien Harris who left the game against the New York Giants after a terrifying neck injury, and then we had an outright brawl in the second half between several players from the Bills and Giants.

Late in the third quarter following Bills running back Latavius Murray picking up a first down, both teams ended up getting crossed up with each other, leading to an escalation of shoves between players to take us into an outright brawl at Highmark Stadium.

Four penalties in total — all offset — were called in the game that included flags against Kayvon Thibodeaux, Dexter Lawrence II and Leonard Williams of New York, while Dion Dawkins got hit with a piece of zebra laundry on Buffalo’s side.


Okay, I know I’m a Miami Dolphins fan, but I’ve gotta give some kudos to Josh Allen here.

And no, not just because he’s on my fantasy team (though he didn’t necessarily have a good game in this one, we need to fix that up, Josh — got me scared of taking an L over here), but because I love how — despite him being a pretty boy quarterback — went right into the fire to defend his teammates. I can’t even lie, I was loving that tough guy camaraderie right there.

And then we also had the straight comedy of Kayvon Thibodeaux trying to kick the ish out of Bills players… (RELATED: GOOD LORD! Patriots’ Jabrill Peppers Brutally Lays Out Raiders’ Davante Adams With Absolute Powerbomb Hit)

Quality popcorn content brawl we had here. I approve.