Food Shortages May Lead To ‘Civil Unrest’ In Developed Nations


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A study published Thursday found the U.K. may experience “civil unrest” over impending food shortages, leading social scientists everywhere to say, “well duh.”

The study itself was quite horrifying, as it only now bothered to look at what food systems disruptions could lead to civil unrest in the island archipelago. Experts have been trying to warn the world about the total lack of food security and tracking systems in place for food sustainability for years. But now that we’re finally on the brink of World War III, at least a few people are trying to mitigate the almost-guaranteed future famine.

The researchers surveyed 58 of the nation’s top food experts from business, charity, academia and policy-making, and found food distribution and food security were considered the most likely reasons for civil unrest in the U.K. within the next decade to 50 years.

But these experts thought climate change was the most likely cause of food shortages. It’s almost like these experts don’t live in the same U.K. as my family and friends, who are already experiencing food shortages due to runaway inflation, Brexit and ongoing civil unrest across a bunch of other countries.

More than half of Britain’s food is imported, including most of the stuff Brits actually need to eat to survive (fruits, vegetables, meats), according to the Independent. Many people are already choosing between eating and heating their homes due to the skyrocketing costs. So civil unrest feels like a given at this point.

I won’t be surprised when the same thing happens here. Farmers have been warning us for years about how the lies told by politicians regarding climate change have stopped any significant process on tackling the real causes of food shortages.

The prevailing understanding of sociologists is that we’re only nine meals away from chaos at any given time. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days, before our neighbors consider eating us. (RELATED: The World’s Richest People Have A Plan For Food Shortages: The ‘Sniff Test’)

Just think about that the next time you go to the store and see an empty shelf. You are three days of empty shelves away from the total societal collapse of the developed world. And no one you’ve voted for is doing a thing to put you and your family in a safer, more sustainable situation.