Watch Nun Tackle Environmental Activist Who Storms Church Construction Site

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Gangsta nun + weak greenie = PURE GOLD.

And that’s exactly what we got in this video showing a recent clash of a continuing battle between the Missionary Family of Notre-Dame (FMND) and the Pour l’avenir association of the Bourges valley in France.

A nun — yes, a NUN — landed an absolutely beautiful tackle this past Saturday on an environmental activist who came to interrupt the resumption of a spiritual center at Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier in Ardèche.

The nuns had arrived on scene Friday to keep an eye on the construction site, and then the next morning, things popped off when activists were allegedly trying to destroy stored materials, according to Paudal. And the FMND warned ’em with a press release the day before, saying they had a “total determination to continue the work legally and to assert its rights.”

And well, the greenies didn’t learn. To use a classic quote: “They f*cked around and found out.”


Now I’m no Catholic — evangelical Christian over here — but the swag of Catholicism has always been appealing to me.

The power structure, having their own government with the Vatican, the huge and flashy churches, the Rosary (which has always been a favorite of mine) and now here we are with nuns tackling the hell out of greenies. (RELATED: Video Shows Hamas Terrorist Shot And Killed While On Israeli Massacre)

And let’s not forget Sister Jean either:

Congratulations, Catholics, you won the internet today — in flying colors.