Phillies Fan Gets Utterly Obliterated By Security With The Most Beautiful Tackle During NLCS Game Against Diamondbacks

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Ol’ boy got HAMMERED!

The Philadelphia Phillies took a commanding 2-0 lead in the NLCS after absolutely smashing the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-0 in Game 2 of the series Tuesday night, but the D-Backs weren’t the only ones who got smashed.

Right after the Phillies clinched the win, a Philadelphia fan decided to run on the field to celebrate … yeah, bad idea. As the guy was running and waving his arms through the outfield, he was completely slammed by a security guard with not just a high-powered tackle you’d expect to see next door at Lincoln Financial Field rather than Citizens Bank Park, but it was incredibly gorgeous.

And that wasn’t the only entertaining part of this whole ordeal, as members of the Phillies bullpen had outright hilarious reactions to the knock.


Here’s another angle of that pop:

And here’s another shot of the Phillies bullpen dying laughing:

I will never understand why people think this is a good idea.

I love passionate sports fandom and completely understand it — I even partake in it myself from time to time — y’all know me. But to do this dumb ish … that, I will never understand. Not only are you putting yourself at risk of suffering some kind of wild injury after a tackle like that, but you’re without a doubt going to get arrested and get some kind of charge. It’s just crazy. (RELATED: Bodies Hit The Floor During Royal Rumble-Style Brawl Between Cowboys And Chargers Fans)

But with that being said, this did happen in Philadelphia, and we already know how much they love the crazy, especially with sports.