ESPN Cuts Away From Such Horrid Obscenity So Smoothly And Swiftly That It Had Fans Seeing Literal Rainbows

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Definitely one of the most sarcastic headlines I’ve ever written…

The undefeated James Madison Dukes (who are only 30 minutes from where I grew up in Virginia) faced off in small school college football action Thursday night against the Marshall Thundering Herd in Huntington, West Virginia, with JMU getting the 20-9 win to bring them to 7-0 on the season.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, just another victory for the Dukes, but ESPN’s broadcast on the other hand … oh yeah, we’ve got some comedy there.

Barely five minutes into the game — making this entire situation even more hilarious — a fan of the Thundering Herd was seen wearing a shirt that read, “GAME F*CKIN’ DAY!”

ESPN had the right mindset, showing the fan in his glory while he was yelling his lungs out for his team, but quickly realizing the FCC still exists, they cut away in such a clunky fashion that it had people seeing rainbows. Literally.


Holy hell, this is hilarious, and totally something you would expect from Disney-owned ESPN.

Hey, I get it, you don’t wanna get fined and kids watch football games too, I completely understand the logic of wanting to keep things family-friendly… but do we have to be so cringe about it?

I mean, damn, I was over here thinking I was having an LSD trip.

It’s like that time when Kenny from South Park got sprayed with cat piss and started trippin’ hardcore:

Okay, maybe not like that, but you get my point. (RELATED: Disney Continues To Tumble As ESPN Has Mickey Mouse Losing A Crap Load Of Money)

Clean it up, Mickey Mouse.