Disney Continues To Tumble As ESPN Has Mickey Mouse Losing A Crap Load Of Money

(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Oh man! It’s getting real for Mickey Mouse & Co.!

Disney is losing a crazy amount of money after a new SEC filing Wednesday from the pro-CCP company revealed that their ESPN profits have dropped a whopping 20% in the first nine months of this year.

Dropping down to $1.48 billion is their four-letter network’s operating income, while revenue has fallen to $13.2 billion, which is a decline of 1.3%.

The figures are the first time ever that the public has had access to ESPN’s numbers.

In an attempt to save money, Mickey Mouse’s sports division had a streak where they laid off around 20 on-air talents per month, which included big names such as Steve Young, Jalen Rose, Jeff Van Gundy, Suzy Kolber, Max Kellerman, David Pollack and LaPhonso Ellis.

Boy oh boy, am I loving this — both as a Disney hater and a fan of ESPN, well, the old ESPN that I want back.

Back in July, I blogged about how Disney CEO Bob Iger said that his radical leftist empire was open to selling a portion of their television networks, and I put a particular focus on ESPN. So with this latest report regarding them losing a massive amount of money from the four-letter network — that THEY’RE destroying — I hope it pushes them further into that direction.

I mean, damn, they’re obviously killing the company. Numbers don’t lie. (RELATED: Dolphins Or Eagles? Lions Or Ravens? Jaguars Or Saints? Andrew Powell Makes His NFL Week 7 Picks)

Just sell ESPN, Bob. Just do it like Nike.