LeBron Is Coming Out With A Children’s Book, And I’m Cringing So Hard Right Now

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The cringe is strong with this one.

LeBron James might be an NBA superstar for the Los Angeles Lakers and one of the Daily Caller’s favorite sons (LMAO), but he’s also the author of an upcoming new children’s book dropping in April 2024.

The book is titled “I Am More Than,” which is the second kids’ book from the self-proclaimed king and his third overall, and you can be sure all three had a ghostwriter — who probably got paid very, very well at that.

“I AM MORE THAN is an empowering and inspirational picture book that shows young readers they are more than one label, trait, or interest -that they can do anything they set their minds to,” the picture book’s synopsis reads, via OutKick.

The first children’s book from LBJ, which was titled “I Promise,” was released back in 2020. And if that “I Promise” phrase sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s also the name of LeBron‘s “I Promise School,” which was designed to give back to low-income communities in Akron, Ohio. Yeah, the one that’s been an utter disaster and should be renamed “I Failed U.”

Nothing against children’s books, I obviously have four kids myself, but judging by the cover, the synopsis and the name “I Am More Than,” you know we’re probably looking at some dumb race-baiting ish here and potentially some other left-wing nonsense. (RELATED: ESPN Cuts Away From Such Horrid Obscenity So Smoothly And Swiftly That It Had Fans Seeing Literal Rainbows)

LeBron’s always out here thinking he’s Mahatma Gandhi, it’s so cringe. Just stop.