How Is This Dude Still Living? Fan Gets Crushed To Pieces By Alabama Security Guard

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Check out how the dude’s phone went flying though!

The Tennessee-Alabama game might have been over, but the shifts for the security guards certainly were not, with one fan strolling around on the field in an empty Bryant-Denny Stadium finding that out real quick.

Video circulating online shows the (I’m assuming Alabama?) fan — most likely a student from the looks of it — getting absolutely railroaded by a security guard after he got an incredible head start while running full speed. And I’m not kidding you, man. This kid got BLASTED, to the point where he appeared to get knocked out for at least a second or two. He was completely out of it.

As far as the game itself, it was straight up chaotic. At halftime, the Crimson Tide were staring down a 20-7 deficit, but after getting a grumbling from the Bama faithful, quarterback Jalen Milroe and the Tide flipped the script to outscore the Volunteers in the second half, 27-0, to tally the 34-20 comeback W.


This is truly one of the most epic tackles I’ve ever seen by a security guard, made even better by the “ooooo!” in the background, and then on top of that, you had the dude’s phone flying sky high from such beautiful impact — you know that guard is probably a legend in the Alabama high school football scene judging by that. (RELATED: College Football Player Banned For Life After Breaking Opponent’s Leg On Purpose With Despicable Dirty Hit)

I’m thinking the University of Alabama should give that man a raise, you don’t want a guard like that getting poached. That’s exactly the kind of attitude you want on your security team, and leading it at that. Give him a promotion, too, while you’re at it.