The Sports Blogs Might Hate ‘Em, But I’m Absolutely Diggin’ The Colts New Unis

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Duke vibes — mad Duke vibes.

The Indianapolis Colts debuted some new alternate uniforms Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, and though most of the sports blogs and a lot of the NFL world hated ’em, I’m gonna go out on a swagged out limb and say I approve.

*rockets incoming*

Bring on the hate if you want, but I’m diggin’ these uniforms from the Colts, a brand I’m not the biggest fan of so this is saying a lot, but I’m personally liking the Blue Devils look.

The unis feature blue jerseys and pants with the shade being darker than their original, and then to complete the Duke University look, they’ve got black piping around the numbers with the most important piece of the ensemble being a fresh black helmet that makes the entire uniform pop. And also, to give the fits more depth and texture, it has an infused “heather” material that’s infused, according to NFL.com.

Indianapolis describes the unis “as crisp and cool as the Indiana Nights,” which is such a great way to describe them.

Just check out these bad boys — these Indiana bad boys:

I love the Tom Petty reference, by the way.

Like I said, I already know I’m gonna get grilled for this, but I’m a sucker for the Duke look.

With that being said, the Blue Devils pull it off so much better, but I can’t hate on the Colts for bringing their vibe.

It’s just a shame they couldn’t get that dub … similar to Duke against Florida State, and losing 39-38 to the fugly Browns at that.

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Soak the unis in, because after how this weekend went for these color combos, we’ll probably never see ’em again from the Colts.