‘Utterly Morally Repugnant’: Lawyer Lights Into BBC Host For ‘Moral Equivalence’ Between Israel, Hamas


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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International legal expert Natasha Hausdorff went viral Monday after ripping into the BBC for their coverage of the Hamas terror attacks in Gaza.

The BBC’s Katya Adler clearly didn’t know what she was getting herself in for when she asked Natasha Hausdorff about the more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas terrorists, and what concessions may be made during the negotiation process to have them released. Hausdorff immediately set the record straight, explaining how Israel “has the right to a robust response” to the kidnappings, murder, torture, and rape of many women and children, from an international law perspective, particularly those laws related to genocide.

This didn’t seem like the type of response Adler wanted, so she tried to pivot the response away from Israel’s rights, to “how” Israel is allowed to respond to the terror attacks from Hamas and other affiliated organizations. It seemed like Adler wanted Hausdorff to get backed into a corner.

But Hausdorff was having none of it. “There is another myth here, that Israel has an obligation to supply Hamas terrorists with electricity and  goods, and that is without basis with international law. Israel is not required to fund or assist Hamas war efforts as it attempts to butcher Jews,” she continued.

She noted Israel has provided Palestinian civilians with goods like water, electricity, and healthcare because Hamas ignores these needs of its citizens. As she continued, Adler cuts off the legal explanation and calls Hausdorff’s statements her “opinion.” Adler then echoed rhetoric from unnamed others, saying what Israel is doing in Gaza is a form of “collective punishment” against Palestinians. (RELATED: Video Shows Man Apparently Stabbing Israeli Diplomat In Beijing On ‘Day Of Jihad’)

“The allegation that you have raised, Katya, is a reprehensible moral equivalence … It is utterly morally repugnant. It also attaches [of course] to the suggestion of proportionality in international law. That is about comparing causality figures. And that is also not correct,” she hit back. “Every strike that Israel takes, every military action is weighted up, it is analyzed [by international law to ensure only terrorist infrastructure is targeted] … So these suggestions of collective punishment are morally reprehensible libel.”

Adler is clearly stumped and flustered by Hausdorff, and it is somewhat magical to observe. Very few people call out the BBC for their blatant media bias, so it’s great to see Hausdorff verbally sucker-punching the outlet in the face.