LAWD HAVE MERCY! Dude Being Chased By Horse-Riding Cop Gets Thrashed With Vicious Clothesline From Security Guard

[Instagram/Screenshot/Public — @jackgorham]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Hey … at least Philadelphia got some kind of entertainment Tuesday night.

Prior to NLCS Game 7 between the Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks, a fan of the former was running from a couple of police officers on horses, but before he could make his getaway, the unsuspecting fan was absolutely hammered by a vicious clothesline from a parking lot security guard.

The video of the incident was originally posted on Instagram.

Things start out with the Philly fan apparently running away from what seem to be two horse-riding cops in one of the parking lots around Citizens Bank Park. At first, it looked like the guy was gonna successfully scatter from police as he was cutting through the lot, but as soon as he got to a median, he was utterly slammed by a security staffer with a clothesline that literally skyrocketed the dude in the air.


What I wanna know … why the hell was this dude running away from two police officers on horses?

Like, what on Earth did you do to be in a situation like that? (RELATED: Dude Gets Straight Up KO’d In Fight Between NFL Fans)

I’m just gonna chalk it up as some nonsense that happens in Philly, because we all know how it goes down in the apparent “City of Brotherly Love” — the home of rigging football games and still barely winning.

Just another slice of Philadelphia paradise.