This Is Pretty Bad: Miami Dolphins Get Screwed Over So Horrendously That It Makes You Think The NFL Is Outright Rigged

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Point, blank, period, this was some of the worst officiating in the history of the NFL, if not the worst: the Dolphins got screwed.

The Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles squared off on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” and boy oh boy, was it a doozy. And not in a good way. Not for the Dolphins, not the Eagles, not the entire National Football League – NOBODY.

For example, with 2:39 left to go in the first half, Miami offensive tackle Austin Jackson and Philadelphia defensive tackle Jalen Carter got into a bit of a mix-up, which led to Carter giving Jackson a pop in the face. In retaliation, Jackson gave Carter a good whack, and then Carter … like a real annoyance you would expect out of Philly … flopped in true European soccer style to earn himself an offsetting unnecessary roughness call to nix the flag against the Eagles.

And that’s the intro to this blog … we haven’t even scratched the surface of what happened in Pennsylvania.

It’s not just one, two, three, four, five bad calls we’re looking at here: we’re talking about a boat load that Brad Allen’s officiating crew made — bad calls against the Dolphins and bad no-calls against the Eagles — and judging by Allen’s history, it all makes sense.

Altogether, the Dolphins had 10 penalties against them, while the Eagles had ZERO, NONE, NADA!

But I’m sure it was all just a coincidence … *blatant sarcasm.*

And these bad calls were outrageously obvious, too.

Just check this ish out:

And then there’s this … roughing the passer, my foot …

Don’t ask me, ask former NFL official and current NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay.

McAulay also noted both the Dolphins and Eagles got hit with offsides on this play when it should have just been the Birds.

Just look at this entire Twitter thread from user @MikMcDaniel for God’s sake: there’s so much nonsense that favored Philly.

The Dolphins got screwed, royally screwed. I don’t think Miami could have gotten more screwed, it was so terrible.

We might be 5-2 now, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re 6-1 with a fat asterisk right beside it — the same asterisk that’s on the Eagles’ “win” and their 6-1* record.

What a joke, man. The officiating was so horrible that I’m legitimately over here being skeptical about the National Football League being rigged, definitely with this particular game. You can accuse me of being a sour fan if you want, but the evidence is overwhelming as hell, as far as I’m concerned. (RELATED: Dolphins’ Jalen Ramsey Gets Into Heated Clash With Eagles Fan And Then Completely Owns Him With Watch Flash)

And then you have this …

It just gets better and better.

The Dolphins got SCREWED, and the NFL very well might be RIGGED.