Dude Gets Straight Up KO’d In Fight Between Chicago Bears Fans

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @AustinB2005]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Sneaky punch, but solid connect.

Chicago Bears fans got into a good ol’ fashioned scrap with each other Sunday during their team’s loss against the Minnesota Vikings. A powerful molly whop straight up knocked out a fan who appeared to momentarily lose consciousness.

It’s not exactly known why this fight got sparked up, which is usually the case for most brawl videos, but we got thrown immediately into the action when all of a sudden a man wearing a Justin Fields jersey completely smashed a Walter Payton jersey-wearer with one hell of a cannon knock.

The dude managed to get back up but went right back down after being shoved. Other Bears fans were scuffling it out, and a Bears fan apparently kicked another in the head.


Just idiots being idiots, but like always, we have to thank the morons for the popcorn content.

I do admire the powerful molly whop that the Justin Fields fan gave the Walter Payton supporter, but we definitely have to diminish it a little bit because it was quite the sneak punch — but man, you guys know I enjoy a good molly whop.

And by the way … Burger King … can I get a NIL-style deal as a blogger and have my own “Molly Whopper?”

With how much I use “molly whop,” I feel like I deserve an endorsement deal.

I can picture myself doing commercials with the king.

After all, I consider myself to be the king of molly whop content, so it fits. (RELATED: Wild Brawl Erupts Between Several Giants And Bills Players After Tensions Hit Boiling Point)

Let’s get it, Burger King. The Molly Whopper.