Dolphins’ Jalen Ramsey Gets Into Heated Clash With Eagles Fan And Then Completely Owns Him With Watch Flash

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This Eagles fan got rolled by Jalen Ramsey — not so Philly tough.

On NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the Philadelphia Eagles bagged a 31-17 asterisk win over the Miami Dolphins after receiving some incredible help from referees throughout the entire game. Yeah, the Birds bumped themselves up to a 6-1 record, but everybody and their mother across the NFL is talking about the horrendous officiating, so bad that us Phins fans aren’t even trippin’ about the loss.

And neither was my man Jalen Ramsey, evident in a viral video making the rounds online that shows him chirpin’ with a Philly fan. Things started when the Eagle lover apparently called Ramsey, who is still sidelined with a knee injury, a “bitch.”

And y’all know how Jalen is when it comes to the trash talk … straight up legendary.

The Dolphins cornerback shouted down the fan as being a “broke ass,” and followed it up by flashing what I’m assuming to be a very expensive Audemars Piguet (or AP) watch to said broke ass like a true boss.


Talk about a steamrolling.

And Eagles fans can’t even respond with, “well, we won the game.”

Yeah … I bet you guys did.

What a cheap way to get a dub, but of course, Philly is still proud of it — not shocking whatsoever, it is PHILLY after all. (RELATED: ‘I’m F*ckin’ Tired Of This Bullsh*t’: Commanders’ Jonathan Allen Blasts His Own Team After Giants ‘Whooped Our A*s’)

Like I said … we ain’t even trippin’ down here in South Beach, man. That’s how comical this “win” is for the Eagles.