Dog The Bounty Hunter Says Suspected Maine Shooter Could Be ‘One Of … The Most Dangerous Guys In A Decade’


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Dog The Bounty Hunter gave his assessment of the Lewiston, Maine, mass shooting on Thursday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Dog The Bounty Hunter — whose real name is Duane Chapman — said that Robert Card, the suspected mass shooter, could be “one of probably the most dangerous guys in a decade.” He cited Card’s military experience and alleged mental instability as the reason for his analysis. (RELATED: Here’s What We Know About The Suspected Maine Shooter)

“Who knows what this guy’s thinking?” Chapman said.

“If this guy went back home, he’s more mentally off than I thought,” Chapman added.

Chapman continued that he believes there’s a chance that the suspect “planned” the shooting, rather than it being spontaneous. He also said there’s a real possibility that the suspect has a hiding spot that’s “booby-trapped.” Chapman added that the suspect will likely know when authorities are closing in on him and warned that he may use a sniper gun to take down officers.

He said that “it seems like 98%” of mass shooters “hear voices.” He said that he doesn’t know if Card will shoot when confronted by authorities, and that it “all depends what the voices tell him to do.”

He claimed that “military guys” are often prescribed drugs without much followup, creating a recipe for disaster. However, Chapman says, potential mental delusions are what worry him the most.

“So, it could be drugs. But again, the voices, that’s what scares me,” he said.

Card is the suspect in a mass shooting committed on Wednesday in Maine, which left 18 dead. The suspect has not yet been apprehended at the time of this article’s publication.