Police Reportedly Cite ‘Picket Fences’ Child Star For Shoplifting

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Burbank Police reportedly cited former child star Adam Wylie from “Picket Fences” for petty theft Oct. 13.

A member from the loss prevention team at a local Target store observed Wylie taking a number of health and beauty items off a display shelf and putting them in his shopping cart, then piling other items on top, according to TMZ. The star was reportedly seen scanning a number of items at the self-checkout area but failed to scan and pay for them all.

The store’s security team member reportedly witnessed Wylie pushing the cart toward the exit and stopped him as soon as he made it outside with the unpaid merchandise, according to TMZ.

The security representative investigated the matter further and determined that the value of the recovered, unpaid items that weren’t scanned was a total of $108. This triggered a call to the Burbank Police who made their way to the store to evaluate the evidence and discuss the matter with all parties involved.

Law enforcement officers ended up citing Wylie for petty theft but did not arrest the star at the scene, according to TMZ. (RELATED: REPORT: Famous Actor Ray Buffer Charged Over Stolen Comic Books)

Wylie is best known for playing the role of Zachary on the hit series “Picket Fences,” in the ’90s. The child actor played the role of Sheriff Brock’s son on the show. He went on to pursue roles in “Kindergarten Cop,” and “Under Wraps.” He took the live stage on Broadway in “Into the Woods,” in 2002, according to TMZ.