‘Dying To F**kin Put You In The Hospital’: Furious Bystander Erupts On Man Taking Down Kidnapped Israeli Flyers


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A viral video posted to Twitter shows New Yorkers furiously confronting a man who was ripping down posters of kidnapped Israelis in Forest Hills, Queens, on Friday. 

The video, posted by the NY Scanner account, shows a man being confronted after apparently tearing down a flier of an Israeli citizen who had allegedly been kidnapped by Hamas and possibly taken to Gaza. 

“Why’d you rip it off?” the person filming asks the perpetrator. “Why’d you rip it off? Put it back.” He repeats. The man then proceeds to tear down another poster. 

“You know where they are right now? You have any idea where they are right now?” the filmer asks. 

The video then cuts to a trio of New Yorkers in construction clothing confronting the man.

“I’m a veteran, I’m telling you, don’t rip off any signs,” one man with a hard hat and a safety vest says. 

Another man says “I’m not f**kin’ Jewish, he’s not Jewish, I don’t know if he is or not. Doesn’t f**kin’ matter. This is f**kin’ U.S.A. This is New York City. You don’t have a f**kin’ right to touch that shit. This is a free country. You can wear your Palestine flag and say death to the Jews or America whenever you want. But we can put up f**kin’ signs.”

“I’m not doing anything,” the sign ripper claimed. 

“Yeah you are doing something you’re offending us motherf**ker. Yeah you are when you throw that on the floor you’re littering the city. In a minute I’m gonna litter the f**ckin floor with you,” (RELATED: ‘Our Comrades Are In Gaza’: Connecticut Labor Leader Reportedly Resigns After Statements At Rally)

“Do you have proof?” the sign ripper asked.

“Do you have proof they’re NOT kidnapped? No, so shut the f**k up!” the irate man exclaimed. 

The conflict escalated to the point where it appeared it was about to get physical. The man with the hard hat started to separate the pair as the sign ripper repeated “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me.”

“I know that’s what you want, I’m dying to f**kin’ put you in the hospital, come on you piece of shit,” the irate man said, concluding the video.