‘Parasites’: Mom Secures Court Case Win To Evict Adult Sons In Their 40s

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A 75-year-old mother in Italy has secured a court order to have her two adult sons, aged 40 and 42, evicted from her apartment, CNN reported Friday.

The mother, who remains unnamed, reportedly described her sons as “parasites” in court documents, citing their lack of financial contribution and assistance in household chores as grounds for eviction despite both being employed, according to CNN.

Judge Simona Caterbi ruled in favor of the retired mother, whose pension was consumed entirely by household expenses. The sons, referring to legal obligations of parental care, contested the eviction. However, the two “bamboccioni,” or big babies, were given until Dec. 18 to leave the premises, the outlet noted.

“There is no provision in the legislation which attributes to the adult child the unconditional right to remain in the home exclusively owned by the parents, against their will and by virtue of the family bond alone,” the judge wrote in the ruling, per CNN. (RELATED: REPORT: King Charles Set To Evict Prince Harry And Meghan Markle From Frogmore Cottage)

Legal representatives for the sons remain undecided on appealing the decision. The case echoes previous legal instances involving “mammoni” or overly mother-dependent adult men, a term recognized in the Italian legal framework, CNN reported.

Italy has seen similar cases, reflecting a societal trend where, according to Eurostat 2022 data, Italians, on average, leave their parental homes at age 30. This trend contrasts starkly to other EU nations like Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, where the average age for leaving the parental home stands at 21.