Video Shows Man Dragged From Hillary Clinton Rally After Asking Epstein Question


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A man was dragged out of Hillary Clinton’s rally for Houston mayoral candidate Shelia Jackson Lee after he posed a provocative question Friday evening.

Video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the heckler, identified as Alex Rosen, 23, showed him stand up as the failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate spoke on stage. Rosen asked about former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein.

“Hey Hillary,” Rosen shouted, causing the audience to turn toward him. “Why has your husband been to Epstein Island 26 times?”

The crowd booed over Rosen, who continued to inaudibly and emphatically confront Clinton. Chants of “Shelia! Shelia! Shelia!” emerged in support of Jackson Lee, who Clinton was campaigning for.

Rosen was brought to the ground by a mob of security personnel attempting to remove him from the event after he appeared to venture toward the stage, WION reported. The self-described “independent journalist” and “anti-vaccine activist” complained about the United States’ funding of Ukraine as he was yanked by his shirt toward the exit.

“Is this necessary, officers?” someone behind the camera is heard asking.

This was not the first time the Clintons were confronted with questions about Epstein, whose reported suicide in his jail cell left many skeptical of the circumstances of his demise. Bill Clinton was asked to comment on his alleged ties to Epstein by a reporter in November 2022, to which the former president said, “I think the evidence is in.” (RELATED: Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Said He Flew Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump On Private Jets)

Rep. Jackson Lee faced criticism after an audio recording was leaked of her berating a staff member. Lee responded Tuesday, claiming that she was “not perfect” and claimed a “political opponent” released the recording. The Texas congresswoman referred to two staffers as “fuck-ups” and suggested they lacked intelligence.