Knockin’ Down Trees And Everything! Gargantuan Elephant Bulls Brawl It Out Like The True Powerhouses They Are

[Rumble/Screenshot/Public — EmotionsofAfrica]

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Now this is a brawl!

Video posted on Rumble by EmotionsofAfrica shows two massive elephant bulls — the male beasts with the huge tusks — brawling it out in the middle of a road which escalated to the point where people had to run away from the fight so they wouldn’t get steamrolled by the Republican Party mascots.

The clip shows the big boys wanting ALL the smoke, bumping and shoving each other around before they eventually smashed through a tree and destroyed it in the process. Afterwards, the elephants then started charging down the road, and that’s when everybody hilariously scurried the hell away like cockroaches.

And judging by the size (and aggression) of these monsters, I can’t say I blame ’em.


Man, I swear that African safari stuff is the scariest ish.

It reminds me of when I was nothing more than a young tot and my parents took me to an African safari-style park where they would let you drive through and be a part of the continent’s wild. I can’t remember exactly where it was at (I wanna say either Florida or South Carolina, we were on vacation), like I said, I was young as hell, but it was somewhere like that.

Well anyway, it was fun for the most part. You had ostriches sticking their heads in the car, lions laying under the shade and chillin’ (because cats always sleep), I even remember seeing a herd of zebras getting some grub, but then there happened to be this rhino…

Yeah, I think you know where I’m going with that…

Here’s a reenactment:

Well, except for the whole car getting destroyed thing, and the car getting hit period … THANK GOD! … but you get my point.

Having a rhino charge at you is friggin’ terrifying, especially when you’re only about five or six about to piss yourself. (RELATED: Rare ‘Ghost Of The Forest’ Albino Deer Caught On Video)

The animal thunderdome, baby.