REPORT: The 2034 FIFA World Cup Has Already Been Given To Saudi Arabia, And It Has People Going Hmmm …

OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images

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What on Earth is going on here?

We still have 11 years to go until we get to the 2034 FIFA World Cup, but it looks like the host nation is already determined thanks to another potential country deciding to withdraw the sweepstakes — so it appears we’re headed back to the Middle East.

The next World Cup, scheduled for 2026, will make a comeback to North America, with the United States, Canada and Mexico all hosting. And then in 2030, we have six different countries on three continents playing host: Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Uruguay, Paraguay and Morocco.

Previously, FIFA was on the record saying they would choose a nation in either Oceania or Asia to host the 2034 version of the world’s most popular sporting event, which led to only two countries placing bids: Australia and *duh, duh, duuhhh* Saudi Arabia.

And now, the Saudis are magically the only bid left after Australia withdrew theirs earlier this week, resulting in the Middle Eastern nation hosting the World Cup by default. (RELATED: Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi Wins A Record Eighth Ballon d’Or; Bringing It To Miami, America For The First Time)

Things that make you go hmmm…

With the massive amount of “sportswashing” Saudi Arabia has been doing, the questions about whether FIFA (and the Saudis) could be up to no good — again — are out of this world, and I’m right there with them.