‘You’re Part Of The Problem’: Dabo Swinney Unleashes On Clemson Fan After He Calls Him Out Over Losing

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Dabo Swinney, the two-time national champion head coach for the Clemson Tigers football team, isn’t taking any lip.

Currently sitting at 4-4 after losing Saturday to NC State, it’s been a rough season for the Tigers (one of their worst in more than a decade as a matter of fact), with the loss also dropping them to 2-4 in the ACC.

During the weekly “Tiger Calls” radio show Monday, a Clemson fan called into the program — with Swinney on the air — and questioned why he should get such a high salary with the Tigers having a bad year.

“So, I’m curious. Why are we paying you $11.5 million to go 4-4?” asked the caller towards Swinney after also questioning the coaching hires that he made and labeling him arrogant.

“You’re part of the problem, to be honest with you,” responded Swinney.


Here’s the fan’s question in its entirety:

“The appreciation, the expectation is greater than the appreciation,” continued the Clemson head coach. “And that’s the problem. We’ve won 12 10-plus-win seasons in a row. That’s happened three times in 150 years. So if you want to know why, Clemson ain’t sniff a national championship for 35 years. We’ve won two in seven years. And there’s only two other teams that can say that – Georgia and Alabama. OK? (RELATED: BOMBSHELL: Michigan Takes Back New Contract Offer From Jim Harbaugh Amid Sign-Stealing Allegations)

“Is this a bad year? Ya, and it’s my responsibility. Take 100% responsibility for it. But all this bullcrap you’re thinking and all these narratives you read … Listen, man, you can have your opinion all you want. And you can apply for the job. And good luck to you.”