Not One, But Two Star NFL Receivers Arrested In Separate Incidents

Left: Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images. Right: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Two star NFL wide receivers, standout stud speedster Justyn Ross of the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints’ Chris Olave, were arrested within the past 24 hours, according to multiple reports.

Ross, who the Chiefs signed as an undrafted free agent from Clemson in 2022, was arrested Monday and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery in addition to property damage, KCTV 5 reported

Ross was initially facing property damage charges of up to $25,000 but was ultimately charged with misdemeanor criminal damage of less than $1000, per KMBC.

Olave, the Saints’ first-round pick in 2022, was arrested for reckless driving after police stopped him doing 70 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone, according to NOF Network’s Nick Underhill

Olave’s crime, while still against the law, was obviously a minor infraction compared to Ross’.

It still begs the question though, why can’t these guys follow the rules? (RELATED: ‘Kiss Your A** Twice’: Stephen A. Smith Unloads On Reports McAfee Pays For Rodgers Interviews)

They’re coached nearly from birth to comply with a litany of laws. Don’t go early on the snap. Don’t throw your hands to the defender’s face. Don’t celebrate excessively in the end zone. But someone comes along and says “hey, don’t assault your wife” and suddenly they lose all concept of law and order? Like what’s going on here? Is it CTE? 

I would love to see a study done of the average NFL player’s likelihood to commit crimes vs. the general population’s because it seems like every other day one of these guys is getting cuffed.

Maybe it’s just that making millions of dollars to play a kids’ game gives you an absurd ego and makes you think you can just do whatever you want. (RELATED: NFL Player Gets 4-Game Suspension For Doing His Damn Job)

Either way, seems like a massive waste of a golden opportunity to make sure your family is taken care of for, potentially, generations. 

If I had to guess I’d say Olave will be fine. The Saints spent a first-rounder on him. He’s a huge part of their offense, and speeding, while still very illegal, is a slap on the wrist compared to what some Saints (cough, Alvin Kamara, cough) have gotten away with. 

Ross, on the other hand, maybe in some trouble. A Chiefs‘ source told the Associated Press they were aware of his situation but declined to comment, according to KCTV.

As an undrafted free agent, Ross is far more expendable to the Chiefs, who already have a pretty deep receiver room. Kansas City just traded for former Pat Mahomes target Mecole Hardman who joins receivers Kadarius Toney, Rasheed Rice and Skyy Moore, all players the Chiefs spent significant draft capital to acquire. 

Ross, who only went undrafted because of a neck injury, is playing on a three-year $2.5 million deal, per Spotrac, and would be cheap to cut. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Be who you can afford to be. Ross can’t afford to be a criminal considering the Chiefs can afford to cut him.