Video Shows Britney Spears Pulling Classic Move To Get Out Of Traffic Stop

(Screenshot/YouTube/Law&Crime Network)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Pop sensation Britney Spears found herself in a recent encounter with California Highway Patrol officers when she was reportedly stopped due to a traffic violation.

Spears, 41, was captured on newly obtained police bodycam footage as she was pulled over in Thousand Oaks, California, on Oct. 6 for passing on double yellow lines. The incident took place only weeks after a previous encounter for an alleged speeding violation, according to TMZ.

Spears can be seen telling the officer that she was in desperate need of using a restroom, explaining, “I’m so sorry, I have to use the bathroom … it’s about to come out right now. Sorry, my house is right there.”


In a separate incident on Sept. 10, she was pulled over for allegedly driving 61 mph in a 40 mph zone. The officer then asked for her license and registration. However, Spears explained that her security team had her passport and license as she had recently returned from a trip. The California Highway Patrol officer clarified that he wasn’t intentionally targeting Spears but was focused on addressing speeding and violations related to double yellow lines. (RELATED: Britney Spears Opens Up About Battle With Depression And Then Deletes Post)

The fine for the violation in October amounted to $327, while the penalties incurred in the incident from early September resulted in a considerably higher fine of $1,140, per TMZ.

Spears attracted more police attention in September when cops were dispatched to her home to perform a welfare check. The pop star sparked alarm after posting videos of herself dancing with knives, with fans worrying for her safety and the well-being of her dog.