Chris Broussard Causes Outrage By Dropping ‘R*tarded’ During Segment On James Harden-To-Clippers Trade

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Chris Broussard, who is an NBA analyst for Fox Sports, got a bit too hyped while giving his take on the blockbuster trade that sent James Harden to the Los Angeles Clippers during the Tuesday edition of “First Things First,” letting slip an unfortunate slur and then instantly apologizing afterward.

While co-host Nick Wright was speaking about his distaste regarding both Harden’s playing style and his inability to work with other star-level talent, Broussard interrupted by asking, “Is the man r*tarded?”

The show immediately got awkward, with Kevin Wildes giving an outright hilarious look before digging his face into some coffee, while Wright told Broussard that word shouldn’t be used.

“Developmentally disabled,” Broussard said, issuing a correction.

As Wright was about to get back to his point, Broussard interrupted him again to apologize for using the word, saying that a family member of his who had a developmental disability had died not too long ago.

“I didn’t mean to use that word, and I apologize to the audience and everyone,” said Broussard.


Damn, Chris. Just damn.

As a former radio host and podcaster, I get that it’s easy to make slip-ups, I’ve had a few mishaps myself in the past where I’ve said a swear word that I shouldn’t have, but making this slip-up?

Honestly, he could’ve gotten away with it, but it was made just way too cringe with the whole “my cousin” card. (RELATED: Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama Shows Up In One Of The Greatest (And Most Fitting) Halloween Costumes You Will Ever See)

And y’all know me … I hate to cringe.