Former NBA Player Leaves Wife Who Started OnlyFans Account Without His Approval


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Former NBA player Joe Smith has left his wife who started an OnlyFans account behind his back and recorded his reaction to the revelation.

Kisha Clavis, Smith’s wife, revealed to TMZ on Wednesday that the former NBA player has left the home. She said that Smith was “pretty pissed off” at her and that he’s decamped to his sister’s home. (RELATED: Ex-NBA Star Joe Smith Gets Heated After Finding Out Wife Is On OnlyFans, And It’s All On Tape)

She also revealed that she’s had the OnlyFans account for over a year and that it’s publicly linked on her Instagram. However, she blamed her husband for “not paying attention” to what she was doing.

Clavis also claimed that Smith has a “friend” who wanted to throw a “wrench” into their relationship by revealing her OnlyFans account to him.

She says that she started the OnlyFans page due to her husband’s financial issues. Clavis claimed that she and her husband have been struggling to maintain their home and have almost been kicked out. Smith’s wife says that her OnlyFans hobby is a return to her pornographic roots.

“I’m sorry, you knew I was an adult video star when you met me,” she said.

Clavis also revealed that she started a series of business endeavors following a failed attempt as a musician, including a moving company that Smith supposedly works for.

“I’m tired of being the one to figure shit out,” she says.

She emphasized that she was not sorry for her decision to start the OnlyFans account and that it was not “selfish.” She says that it was an “executive decision” she made because her husband “wasn’t taking the lead.”

Smith’s wife said that she still loves him and that even if he never talks to her again, she will still do everything she can to help him. She says that she wants the best for them both, and wishes that he felt the same way. She also said that she would continue with her OnlyFans career unless something changes financially for the couple.

Clavis suggested that Smith seek counseling so he can “re-find himself.”

She seemed confident that the pair could mend their bond.

“I don’t think we’ll have a divorce. I don’t think so. I think he’ll come around,” she said.

Smith and his wife went viral last week when she revealed to him that she had started an OnlyFans account. Smith was vocally opposed to her decision to start the account and expressed hurt. She defended her decision to participate in pornography, arguing that she has the right to make decisions with her own body.