‘This Is F*cking Corruption’: Botafogo Owner John Textor Loses It On Live TV After His Team Blows 3-0 Lead

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Sports is known to bring some pretty epic rants, but John Textor — an American businessman and ex-FuboTV executive chairman — had one of the best we’ve ever seen after his club, Botafogo, took an L in dramatic fashion.

Textor, who is the co-owner of Crystal Palace and also the owner of Lyon, Botafogo and RWD Molenbeek, purchased 90 percent of Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas in Jan. 2022. That year, the soccer club finished 11th in the Brazilian Serie A, but the team is now on top of the standings with only eight contests left to go.

After taking a 4-3 defeat to Palmeiras on Thursday, Botafogo still holds a three-point lead over the table, but the loss included a controversial call, which caused Textor to go nuclear after the match, hitting Brazilian soccer with accusations of “corruption.”

“I am annoyed. The whole world saw it. That is not a red card, he got the ball first,” an angry Textor ranted to a Brazilian television reporter after his club blew a 3-0 lead. (RELATED: REPORT: The 2034 FIFA World Cup Has Already Been Given To Saudi Arabia, And It Has People Going Hmmm …)

“If it’s even a foul, I’m not sure. It’s not a red card. [The official] changed the game. This is corruption. This is theft. Please fine me [Brazilian Football Confederation President] Ednaldo [Rodrigues], but you need to resign tomorrow morning. That’s what needs to happen. This championship has become a joke. Nobody deserves this.”

“These players for Palmeiras, they don’t want to win this way. We don’t want to lose this way,” he continued. “It’s like five games in a row. Gentlemen, you played a good game. It’s not your fault but this is fucking corruption. This has to change and, Ednaldo, you need to resign for the good of the game. It has to be over now. This is theft, you can fine me, you can red card me. It’s my stadium, I’ll still be here.”


Such a legendary rant!