David Beckham’s Loading Up! Luis Suárez To Potentially Join Lionel Messi At Inter Miami After Club Confirms Interest

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Inter Miami is gonna be a force next season — and we’re currently witnessing the construction of it.

Gerardo “Tata” Martino, who is the head coach of Inter Miami CF, has confirmed that the club has renewed interest in signing former Lionel Messi teammate Luis Suárez in this winter’s transfer window.

While talking with the press a day prior to Miami‘s last home game of the MLS campaign — which ended up being a 2-2 draw with Charlotte FC — Martino said that the franchise still has interest in making a move for the 36-year-old Uruguayan. The news comes three months after rumors started regarding Suárez possibly going to the David Beckham-owned Inter Miami.

Suárez will be leaving his current team, Porto Alegre-based Grêmio (Brazil’s Serie A), in December.

The Uruguay national soccer team’s all-time top scorer with 68 goals in 137 matches, Suárez is the leading scorer for Grêmio this season with nine goals in 27 appearances.

It’s absolutely beautiful what’s going on right now with Inter Miami.

If you’re not aware, Suárez, Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba all played in Barcelona together from 2014-2020, winning four Spanish La Liga championships and the UEFA Champions League title in 2015.

So as you see, Miami is trying to replicate some of that success in South Florida, and it’s worked so far with us bringing home the Leagues Cup this season and earning a spot in the 2025 Concacaf Champions Cup.

The only thing that I’m curious about is what Inter Miami is going to do about Josef Martínez and our high-end striker situation, but whether he’s with us or not, I’m expecting David Beckham & Co. to make even more moves of improvement (and potential dominance) over the next year until the new campaign begins. You’re already seeing the telltale signs now. Plus, it’s hard to sweat the striker position when you’ve got Messi scoring goals left and right. (RELATED: Dolphins Or Eagles? Lions Or Ravens? Jaguars Or Saints? Andrew Powell Makes His NFL Week 7 Picks)

Enjoy things while they last, MLS, because Inter Miami is gonna completely roll next season. We got something special building.