Biden Is Living In A Different Reality Than His Progressive Base, Daily Caller Reporter Explains

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Caller White House correspondent Reagan Reese said President Joe Biden is living in a different reality than his progressive base in terms of his administration’s support for Israel.

College students have gathered on elite campuses across the U.S. to protest in support of Palestine and blame Israel for the brutal Oct. 7 attack carried out by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group. Many students have broken from the Biden administration over its support for Israel and its right to defend itself against Hamas.

“It really, I think, shines a light that the higher education system is broken. It’s corrupt. This is where we’re seeing these kids. We’re seeing these pro-Palestine, pro-Hamas rallies happening on college campuses across the country,” Reese said on “The Sara Carter Show” Tuesday. “We’re seeing kids sign onto these letters, that they’re backing these attacks, that they’re against the Biden administration for being pro-Israel.”

“I think it can be traced back to K-12 education,” Reese continued. “There is a type of curriculum called ethnic studies that kind of pushes decolonization, that pushes some antisemitic beliefs, and that could be where some of these kids are starting to, through a lack of better terms, be indoctrinated.” (RELATED: ‘They Want Our People Dead’: Jewish Student Bursts Into Tears As Pro-Hamas Demonstration Takes Place On Campus) 

Pro-Palestinian protest on college campus [Screenshot/YouTube/NBC News]

Pro-Palestinian protest on college campus
[Screenshot/YouTube/NBC News]

Over 30 student groups at Harvard University wrote a joint letter to the school’s administration affirming their support for Palestine and blaming Israel for the attack. Harvard University President Claudine Gay said the student groups’ view does not represent the position of the university in an Oct. 10 statement, without explicitly taking the side of either Israel or Palestine.

More than 70 faculty members at the university called on Gay to condemn critics of the pro-Palestine protesters and argued Palestinian students are the most marginalized on campus.

Antisemitic protests have occurred all over the world since Hamas’ attack, in which protesters have shouted hateful slurs such as “Fuck the Jews” and “Fuck Israel.” At a rally in New York City’s Times Square, protesters displayed antisemitic symbols, and one apparently held up a Swastika. Demonstrators in Sydney, Australia, chanted “Gas the Jews.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the administration respects Palestine supporters’ right to “peacefully protest” and has no intention of deporting any foreigners attending the gatherings.