Matthew Perry’s Close Friend Debunks Cryptic Messaging Rumors

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Athenna Crosby, who was spotted dining with Matthew Perry the day before he died, debunked rumors claiming Batman references in his social media posts were cryptic cries for help.

Crosby insisted the “Friends” star was in good spirits and silenced the conspiracy theory fans have alluded to on social media.

“Anybody whose speculating that that had anything to do with it, I think they’re getting carried away,” she told TMZ. “I was one of the last people to see him alive. He was in an extremely good mood. He was excited about the future. He was taking care of his health, and the fact that he died was a freak accident, but there’s nothing fishy about it,” she insisted.

Perry was found dead in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home October 28, and fans were quick to analyze his last few social media posts for clues about his death. Perry had posted a number of references to Batman, including images of the Bat signal, as well as an image of himself enjoying time in the very hot tub his body was found in.

Crosby shed light on what Perry was like the day before his death, and provided explanations about the Batman references.

“Matthew was very sweet and a little bit nerdy,” she said.

“He loved Batman. He called his car the Batmobile because it was all tinted black and had matte paint on it and everything, just like the Batmobile.”


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“And he had been calling himself Mattman lately, which is like a nickname that he dubbed for himself,” she said to TMZ.

She went on to talk about Perry’s personality traits.


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“And he was really goofy and playful, so I think people assuming that his post about the Bat signal or the fact that he’s Batman were some sort of subliminal messages to ask for help, or a cry for help, that’s just completely false. He’s just a sweet nerd that liked Batman,” she said.


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For those who might not be convinced, Crosby reiterated her message. (RELATED: Matthew Perry’s Last Instagram Post Haunts Fans)

“None of that was subliminal messaging in any way,” she said.

“He talked about his love of batman in the book,” she said, referencing his recently released memoir.