Over 80 Items Linked To JFK Assassination Up For Auction


Mariane Angela Contributor
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RR Auctions is putting up for auction over 80 items related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Just days before the 60th anniversary of Kennedy’s death on Nov. 22, 1963 several items are now up for auction. Among the items being auctioned is a section of the wooden picket fence from the infamous “grassy knoll,” a location long believed by many, including witnesses that day, to have been the site of at least one gunshot fired at the presidential parade route, per TMZ.

The auction house is also offering a window from the Texas School Book Depository, the very building from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots at President Kennedy. Other items included in the auction are Oswald’s first handgun, which he sold to his brother for $10, and the phone call receipt from Oswald’s call from jail, made just one day after JFK’s assassination. Oswald himself was shot and killed while in police custody shortly thereafter, the outlet further reported. (RELATED: Trump Promises To Release ‘The Remaining Portion’ Of JFK Assassination Files If Reelected)

For history enthusiasts and collectors, there are hidden gems such as JFK’s personal diary from 1945, offering insights into his life before he assumed the presidency. The auction is scheduled to conclude on Nov. 8.

Aside from the auction, there are several more events happening this month to mark the 60th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, including the release of a new docuseries. The second installment of this docuseries is scheduled to air on Nov 5. It features newly colorized and enhanced footage from the investigation, police radio recordings, live broadcasts and videos captured by numerous television crews that were present that day.