Video Shows Police Officers Rescuing Fallen Straphanger From Tracks Moments Before Train Passes

(Public/Twitter/Screenshot/User: @NYPDnews)

John Oyewale Contributor
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Police in New York City rescued a straphanger who had fallen onto the subway tracks, in the nick of time before a train arrived Friday night, a video showed.

A New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer could be seen standing sentinel and suddenly rushing towards the tracks with another officer in tow upon noticing the fallen straphanger at the 90th Street–Elmhurst Avenue station in Queens, per the NYPD video on Twitter. The straphanger appeared hurt as groans could be heard while the officers made the effort to pull him up and out of harm’s way.

The straphanger could be seen lying on the platform as officers examined him as a train traveled past them. The officers fist-bumped each other, apparently relieved by the success of the rescue effort, the video showed. Emergency personnel from the New York City Fire Department arrived and took the straphanger away for treatment. (RELATED: Video Shows Police Officers Rescuing Drowning Blind Dog From Frigid Pond)

The NYPD identified the officers who rescued the straphanger as Officers Valle and Canarte of the NYPD 45th Precinct. Other “good samaritans” were also involved in the “amazing rescue,” the NYPD added in tweets accompanying the video.

In a similar incident, Officers Baez and Hall of the NYPD 81st Precinct pulled to safety a straphanger who suffered a medical episode and collapsed onto the tracks July 4, a separate NYPD video showed. The officers “plac[ed] themselves in a perilous situation, lifted the unresponsive adult over tracks onto the platform to safety,” the NYPD 81st Precinct tweeted, while also sharing a photograph of both officers in appreciation. The incident occurred at the Utica Avenue station in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, CBS New York reported.