James Harden Unveils The Goofiest-Looking Shoes You’ll Ever See On A Basketball Court

(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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If you’re an NBA player and interested in some grade A marketing for your signature sneakers, then debuting them at Madison Square Garden is definitely going to be on the list of promotion options.

That’s exactly what James Harden did Monday night, doing so in a debut for himself with the Los Angeles Clippers as they faced off against the New York Knicks … it’s just a damn shame that the shoes are ugly as hell.

The Clippers went on to lose the game, 111-97, but Harden managed to tally 17 points and gave sneakerheads plenty to talk about … as well as us over here at the Daily Caller.

“That’s fucking hideous,” one Canadian entertainment writer told me.

Oh yeah, the conversations were real over here.

Check out these bad boys — emphasis on bad:

By the way, it’s an honor that people think that I’m the legendary Scoops Delacroix … it truly, truly is an honor.

Anyways, these shoes are completely garbage. And if I was the legendary Scoops, I’d write a big long piece about the travesty of what has happened to sneaker culture. *wink, wink Scoops*

Because seriously, how in the hell did we go from beautiful shoes like Carmelo Anthony’s Jordan Melo 1.5…

…to whatever the hell James Harden was wearing.

Maybe it’s because I’m 32 now and am getting old? (RELATED: ‘What The Hell Is Wrong With You?’: Stephen A. Blasts LeBron, Says He Wouldn’t Be As Great If It Weren’t For Miami)

Nah, it’s because our culture today is utter sh*t.