Comedian Makes Dave Portnoy Briefly Turn Socialist


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A clip shared on social media Wednesday showed the moment Barstool Sports icon Dave Portnoy almost turned socialist.

An Adderall-laced Portnoy was deep in conversation with comedian Adam Friedland when the topic turned to political ideologies (weird in this day and age, right?). It turns out both Portnoy and Friedland are fans of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, though Portnoy doesn’t like Bernie’s politics.

Friedland argued that it is kind of wrong to create wealth without creating anything. Portnoy agreed, saying, “Then what, I’m a socialist now?” He seemed concerned that socialism meant everyone had access to everything, regardless of the effort they put forward to making those goods.

Friedland disagreed, saying socialism means that resources are allocated fairly and equally. “In a simple sense, you just view history in terms of who has shit and who doesn’t have shit,” Friedland explained.” But this still didn’t register with Portnoy. (RELATED: ‘They Are Activists’: Dave Portnoy Unloads On NYT For ‘Consistently’ Reporting ‘False Info’)

So Friedland then got Portnoy to endorse Medicare for all. “Everyone can go to school for free. Everyone can go to the library for free. If your house is burning, the fire department comes for free. You should go to the doctor …” before he could finish his sentence, Portnoy conceded.


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“So I’m a socialist now?” he asked Friedland. “Do I get to keep all my money?” Unfortunately the answer was “no,” but Friedland’s family knows a guy who can manage it all for him. His name is Madoff something … hahah. (RELATED: Comedian Adam Friedland Interviewed Chris Cuomo, And We Honestly Had No Idea The Former CNN Anchor Was This Funny)

The funniest part is that Friedland’s family is apparently super wealthy, according to sources, so his being a socialist is laughable on its own. It’s double as funny when you realize his entire argument ignored the fact none of the stuff he described is free. We all pay for schools, libraries, fire departments, and more with our taxes.

So unfortunately his entire argument was pointless. Still, it was a fun clip to watch!