‘Massive Scream’: Dani Dabello’s Pet Python Chomps Down On Co-Star’s Penis After Filming Scene


Mariane Angela Contributor
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Australian porn star Dani Dabello shared a terrifying experience with her followers on Instagram Wednesday, as she recounted how her Centralian carpet python, named Betty, unexpectedly attacked her friend in a sensitive area.

In an Instagram video posted by Dabello, she introduced her followers to Betty, an 8-foot-long snake that she had owned without any previous issues. She then said that after filming some intimate content with her friend, he expressed a desire to hold her pet snake. Unaware of the impending danger, Dabello placed the snake around her friend’s neck and she just “turned around to walk away.”


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To her horror, Dabello heard her friend’s “massive scream” moments later. She discovered that Betty had clamped onto her friend’s genital area, prompting a frantic struggle to free him from the snake’s grip.  “After a few minutes we got her off and I put her back into her enclosure and there was blood everywhere so we cleaned all that up,” Dabello recounted. (RELATED: Man Goes Walking In New Jersey, Gets Bitten By Rare Venomous Snake)

She then carefully examined the area to ensure no snake teeth were left behind, as pythons often leave their teeth in things after biting. The incident left both Dabello and her followers in shock, with many expressing their disbelief and concern in the comments section of her post. “Well that’s just a sample that snakes gonna eat you when it gets bigger,” one follower commented. Another one said, “Ouch, i hope he is alright and i hope Betty is alright too.”

The post did not provide updates on the condition of the male victim or Betty.