Red And Green Christmas Decorations Dubbed Offensive By City Official

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Traditional Christmas themes are considered politically incorrect in a Wisconsin city, according to internal government emails obtained by Libs of TikTok

The city of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, sent an email to city workers telling them not to use red and green or any religious Christmas decorations because they’re not “inclusive” or “equitable.”

City officials also can’t call snowmen, snowmen. They must be called “snow people” because snowmen would be gendered language, and we can’t have that. 

This is American gosh darn it, and we celebrate Christmas and don’t apologize for celebrating the holiday that the majority of the country celebrates. If you don’t want to celebrate, that’s your choice. 

Why does everyone else have to silence or censor their love of Christmas and religion to appease some woke lady in Wauwatosa? 

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